Having as a motto: « CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE, CHANGE YOUR DE LIFE! », Attitude Orange is a company that provides tools and training to help people enjoy richer and more balanced life, in tune with their dreams and passions.



Agenda 2013

“MY ATTITUDE” planner

Developed to be integrated into anyone’s daily routine, this planner offers a method that at the same time offers to:

  • Clarify and prioritize one’s objectives;
  • Preserve balance in one’s life;
  • Grow on a personal and professional level throughout the year.




Agenda 2013 - 12 themes
Every month Attitude Orange focuses on an aspect that is inseparable from a balanced life. Through reflections, quotes, tips and a monthly challenge, it will push you to get out of your comfort zone, explore your potential and call into question the habits that keep you away from the life you’re looking for.

The 12 themes are:


JANUARY: Beliefs
Identify and change the thoughts that are holding you back.

FEBRUARY: Physical Health
Make your health a priority.

MARCH: Spirituality
Live according to a set of strong spiritual values.

APRIL: Finances
Take control of your financial health.

MAY: Emotional and Mental Health
Learn to manage your emotions.

JUNE: Professional Life
Discover how to find personal fulfillment.

JULY: Personal Development
Rid yourself of negative learned behaviours to fully develop your potential.

AUGUST: Leadership
Discover how to take more initiative and rally people around you.

SEPTEMBER: Priority Management
Allocate enough time to your priorities.

OCTOBER: Relationships
Improve relationships with family, friends and coworkers.

NOVEMBER: Contribution
Embrace the Attitude Orange mindset and pay it forward.

DECEMBER: Gratitude
Bring more happiness, love, and wealth into your life.