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Stop repeating!

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vous avez besoin d'un mentor


Aren’t you tired of repeating over and over the same things and end up frustrated each time?

What if the problem came from you?
One day while I was tired, my mother gently suggested me to stop screaming at the children when they were having it their own way. “But mom, if I yell, it’s because I’m tired of always repeating the same things over and over”, I answered her. “So stop repeating.. » my mother said to me right off the bat!

Heuuu… Ok. Good idea… but what should I do instead?

The answer will maybe surprise you, but I ganranty it works!

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Stuck in traffic? No problem!

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Pris dans le trafic? Pas de problème!


I briefly addressed the subject of work-life balance in the June 15 blog, but I think it’s worth talking about it a little longer.

Liking traffic, it is possible!

Since I’ve set myself up to listen to audio trainings in my car, I just love traffic! Yes, you read it right! I love traffic! To be honest, sometimes I even feel a little annoyed when I get home and I didn’t have time to finish listening to my current training.
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5 good reasons to invest in your personal development

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5 good reasons to invest in your personal development



If you’ve been reading our newsletter for awhile, you probably remember that last May was the month of finances. We suggested you invest 10% of your budget in training, or personal development. Did you do it?

If not, what are you waiting for? You have an extraordinary and unique purpose inside of you that needs to be developed. Don’t sit on this wonderful gold mine without doing anything about it. Time goes by so fast, who wants regrets?

Investing in yourself is not an expense but an investment. Stop making excuses and instead, take your destiny in hand!
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