Sujata Vadlamudy, founder 

Sujata VadlamudyIf you had seen her on April 10, 2005, you would have found her in tears in the disposable diapers aisle in Zellers, asking herself how to reconcile her professional, personal and family goals. Today, with more than 20 years in the world of communications and marketing, notably at the service of large Quebec corporations, and after having initiating numerous projects aiming to further the cause of reconciling work and family, it is at Attitude Orange that you will find her. A mother of three children, lecturer, author of the guide “Le retour au travail après un congé de maternité, ça se planifie à l’avance” and contributor to the “Porteuse d’humanité” collection by Genevieve Young, her objective is to raise people’s awareness to the importance of preserving their true nature and their balance in this world where everything moves too quickly and the choices are so numerous.

“Improving one’s life is to also improve the lives of everyone around us.” Sujata Vadlamudy