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2012 Your Year!

By January 6, 2012Uncategorized

Take a minute to imagine your life exactly as you want it to be. Is your life vision quite different from reality? Is there one or two things you would like to change or improve? If the answer is yes, have you been thinking about it for some time now? For example, did the 4 pounds you were supposed to loose in 2009 became 10 pounds in 2012? Did the ‘good timing’ you were waiting for to launch you career a year ago is still in the waiting? Worse did you neglect your physician’s concerns about your health so much that you are now living with the consequences?

It’s no secret that it’s way easier to “put off doing” when the changes we need to do interfere with our habits. If an effort is needed or if it puts us in a new situation the ‘status quo’ suddenly becomes much more attractive even if unsatisfying. You have to realize that if you need to change one thing in your life you will have to change at least one thing in your weekly routine. The concept is simple: without action there cannot be any results. This year, to achieve your goals, you need to engage yourself and take action.

– Set your goals
– Identify your motivations behind your goals
– Make a list of the actions that will allow you to reach them.
– Plan
– Take action

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TO THOSE WHO ARE USING THE ATTITUDE ORANGE DAY PLANNER, optimize the use of your “weekly goals” page  by making sure your goals aim at reaching your three main prioritary goals.

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