360˚ Success

Happiness, creativity and performance depend upon a delicate balance of these three pillars:

  • personal motivation
  • emotional expertise
  • time and priority management

360˚ Success was created with the intentional goal of providing the bigger picture, tools and follow-up necessary to bring about lasting transformations.

Have you ever had that feeling of excitement brought about by a motivating workshop, only to go right back to your old habits? That’s normal, because it takes more than just good intentions to change behaviour that’s been in place for a long time.

Spread over a period of 5 to 6 weeks, this format will enable you to:

  • understand what nourishes and hampers your life balance and performance at work
  • experiment with strategies offered between workshops and
  • have access to an experienced coach at every step of the process

1st lunchtime workshop: personal motivation

Understand what balance is and define your own version of a high-performing life

2nd lunchtime workshop: managing emotions

Learn to observe yourself to understand where your motivation and energy losses originate

3rd lunchtime workshop: managing time and priorities

Become the master of your time and put into place winning strategies for succeeding in all areas of your life

In total, these three 45-minute workshops will create the necessary momentum for bringing about change, growth and the results you want.

For additional information and reservations:

(514) 915-5480 or [email protected]

« Sujata, thanks to her dynamism and joie de vivre, knew just the right tools to give us for improving our life balance and led us to question our habits with the goal of learning how to better manage our time and efficiently organize our daily life. One phrase to remember: “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.” Thanks, Sujata! »

Valérie Carrière-Hubert, Human Resource Advisor, Desjardins

« We’re currently undergoing a period of major change and it goes without saying that we’re facing some resistance. I really liked your positive vision, your way of seeing the reality of work as building the future and leaving behind all you’ve accumulated in the past. I particularly appreciated how you helped us see the big picture as observers. It helped us to notice certain realities we might not have seen otherwise. I’m so glad to have called upon your services and we plan on putting into practice the tools you left with us. »

Maryse Lanctot, CLSC Jean-Olivier Chénier