Are you experiencing a particular challenge and want answers quickly?

Offered in either a full-day or half-day format, this coaching process is for you if you:

  • Feel stuck in any aspects of your business or personal development
  • Want to improve your productivity and develop your personal leadership
  • Are seriously considering going into business, but want to have your idea validated and get a better understanding of what being an entrepreneur implies

Here are some examples of what we can do together:

  • Work on a blockage you’d like to get rid of
  • Find new ways to generate revenue—fast
  • Identify your ideal client and develop an irresistible offer for them
  • Be authentic and convincing in your sales
  • Eliminate your resistance around the subject of money
  • Build a viable business model to stand the test of time and fit the lifestyle you’re seeking
  • Create a strong brand image
  • Build your confidence and dare to be bold
  • Increase your rates
  • Review your time and priority management method
  • Clarify your project and start your own business
  • Create an action plan for meeting your goals in the upcoming year
  • Improve the performance of your website
  • Etc.

Do you like the idea of accelerating your success?

Due to the very limited availability of à la carte coaching spots, Sujata reserves the right to select candidates according to their level of commitment.

Are you really ready to take action?

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« Thank you so much for having crossed my path. It only took you a few laughs and a good discussion to help me uncover the incredible strengths inside me that I had never even imagined. So now I’m thriving more every day—you were an incredible catalyst, while also being a light-filled discovery. Thank you for everything. »

Nathalie Beaulieu, Apaisanteur

« Your coaching helped me dare to make decisions that had to be made and to spark the change that I so very much needed. My eyes opened wider and I found the courage to quit my job. Ever since, I’ve been making the most of every minute of my life. Merci Sujata. »

Maryline Delisle, Arbonne

« Before talking with you, I thought that everything had to change from one day to the next and I felt paralyzed. Now I’ve come to understand that there are lots of doors open in front of me, that I’m already in the best situation to go farther than I’ve ever gone and that I can advance one step at a time, in the direction of what excites me and ignites my passion. Thank you so much for this conversation that really opened my eyes more. »

Nassim Zafar

« One coaching session that was worth its weight in gold. A thousand times thank you. »

Josée Gauthier