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Why aim 2 x higher when you could aim 10 X higher?

By June 22, 2012Uncategorized

Pourquoi viser 2x plus, quand vous pourriez viser 10x plus?


Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, aiming 2x higher is fine, but aiming 5-8 or 10x higher is much better. And rest assured, the effort to get there is not 10x greater. Yet, it requires a new attitude …

Let me explain :

How do we go about achieving 2x more? We build on our strengths and redouble our intensity. In other words, we don’t need to revolutionize the way we work but we just need to put in more energy. Now imagine what it means to achieve 10x more. Think about it! What will we need to do to be 10x more effective?

To get 10x greater results, you must question all of your methods, your strategies, your perceptions, your communications, your team, etc.. You must be willing to take risks, to push boundaries, to seek innovative solutions and work away from heavy structures. You must confront old ideas, surround yourself with better people, stop doing certain things and start doing other things differently … This can be challenging at first, but you might be surprised by the results. Acquiring new and improved procedures also mean spending less energy unnecessarily.

Aim 10x higher and the solutions will appear!
According to Dan Sullivan, president of The Strategic Coach Inc., When you decide to achieve 10x greater results, you start to see the opportunities that generate results 10x larger. As you may well know, your eyes and ears capture only what’s consistent with what the mind wants see and hear. People who can help are all around you. The problem is that if you can’t expand your vision 10x more, you won’t attract these people to you and your projects.

What stops you from aiming higher?
Aiming for 10x greater results may be unrealistic, but would the Golden Gate Bridge have been built without this mindset? Would the Wright brothers have flown or would Cirque du Soleil have toured all over the world? Put yourself up to the challenge and go after your wildest dreams. If you are unfamiliar with your limiting beliefs and fears, I suggest you read our articles on these themes.

Do you envision how aiming 10X higher can be applied to your professional life? Share your wildest ideas below in our comment section.

FOR THOSE WITH THE 'MY ATTITUDE'PLANNER, go back to the front pages of your planner and take a look how your professional goals were set. Are they high enough? Could they have been reached faster? Take note of what needs to be adjusted for you to get there.

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