Authentic leadership

To get where you want to go, you have to broaden you mind, change your habits and develop your personal expertise.

Leadership isn’t just a question of achievement.

It’s defined by:

  • The strength of your vision and your commitment
  • The quality of your presence and your listening skills
  • Your ability to communicate and convince people
  • Your ability to bring people together and inspire them

Over the course of this 6-month program and with the help of the following 6 modules, you’ll discover your leadership style and develop the expertise that will enable you to reach your goals and ambitions:

Self-awareness: Clarify your vision, identify your strengths and fully assume your value, your ambitions and your leadership style.

Personal branding: Develop you own personal brand image to showcase your strengths and talents so as to increase your impact and power of attraction.

Communication: Develop your ability to communicate to better inform, coach, influence and rally.

Relationship with money: Discover the rapport you have with money, its impact on your perception of reality and on all your decisions.

Priority management: Learn to prioritize and manage your time so you can reach your objectives more quickly without compromising your life balance.

Marketing: Discover the on- and off-line strategies for sharing your ideas, expertise, products and services on a broader scale.

The program includes:

NOVA PROFILE: We all must adapt to the environment in which we evolve. This behaviour is completely normal and healthy, but it sometimes leads us to neglect some of our strengths or to sacrifice a portion of our authenticity. The NOVA Profile will reveal to you your behavioural preferences, your expertise, your communication style and your motivations, and will enable you to become conscious of the differences between your “natural style” and your “adapted style.”

BRANDING ARCHETYPES: From their very first contact with us, people can feel the energy we give off. Would you like to know what people see in you? By discovering which of the 12 branding archetypes make up your personal brand image, you’ll be able to understand what makes you unique and attracts others to you.

FINANCIAL ARCHETYPES: There are eight financial archetypes. Each one represents a set of unconscious beliefs that have a significant impact on your personal, professional and financial success. By discovering your three financial archetypes, you’ll understand the motivation behind each of your decisions and have at your disposal a unique and powerful personal development tool.

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« From our very first meeting, there was a marked improvement in my entire business. You have a motivating power over me. I’m pleasantly surprised, and happy to have you with me. In one year, I reached my goal and even more. Actually, I tripled the turnover I’d set for myself. Thank you for being there. »

Edith Bissonnette, ABO Lab

« A year ago, I was sleeping my life away… Today I’m happily sitting in front of my computer with my two feet on the ground and my head above the water. The coaching taught me a great deal about myself. I live life to the fullest now, living in the present moment and doing all I can to make it magical. To make this happen, I’m first on my list of priorities and I make almost no concessions. I forget about what others think, and I think about me.
Thanks again for everything! »

Isabelle Villemure

« It’s kind of as if my mind had been lightened up by putting order in my thoughts. I deal with my anxiety better, I take action more easily and I’m more daring than before when it comes to my projects. An unexpected bonus is that it’s given new life to my relationship! I thank you so much for enabling me to do all that questioning. »

Lucie Boucher

« From our very first conversation, I was impressed to see just how quickly Sujata understood the issues in my situation. Her highly professional and human approach immediately put me at ease within the coaching process. I left each phone meeting with a feeling of growth and positive energy. I made huge steps forward in my life. Now I’ve developed the tools to reach my goals on my own as I aim for a life that really looks and feels like me. »

Emilie S.