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Sujata Vadlamudy

December 29, 2017

Ready for 2018?

2018 will be here in less than 36 hours !!! Honestly, I am so eager to start all the projects that I have in mind for 2018 that I almost wish I could press fast forward and see them unfold…
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April 28, 2017

Discover your most important values

It’s normal for our values in life to change. Everything we learn, every outside influence, each new project necessarily leads to a transformation in how we prioritize our values. The difficulty lies in becoming aware of this and making a…
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February 14, 2017

Valentine’s Day and Time-management

  Can love help you better manage your time? I have a confession to make: I’m not a big fan of Valentine's Day. For my spouse and me, this holiday always felt a little bit awkward. Although we gave it a try at…
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December 22, 2016

The Best Habit to Take in 2017

It’s the holiday season and tradition would have us exchange gifts. I spent some time this week brainstorming about the perfect gift for you. One that would be unique AND that would make you smile. Well, my team and I…
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the gift that touched their heart
December 7, 2013

The gift that touched their heart.

The Attitude Orange planner... more than just a gift. « This is my year for recognizing what a few people around me are doing for me personally....you with your sweetness when we met; and with your planner which a friend gave me…
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an announcement
September 26, 2013

An announcement, a gift and 12 surprises

An announcement… For those of you who have been following us since we started, I’d like to let you know that Christine Zanella, my business partner, wonderful friend, and long-time companion has been called away towards new adventures. This departure…
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taking care of your body
February 5, 2013

If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?

JUST DO IT - Nike The alarm clock goes off, it is 5 a.m. After hitting the “snooze” button a few times, I get my stiff and sore body out of bed and by now it is 5:30. I rub my…
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January 24, 2013

Let yourself shine

A RETURN TO LOVE from Marianne Williamson - A MUST READ! January is the month of beliefs at Attitude Orange. For our last article on this theme for the year, I wanted you to think about this unique talent that…
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January 17, 2013

She said Yes!

TODAY, ISABELLE IS A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER. BUT IT HASN'T ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY. I want to share Isabelle’s story because I know it is one that will resonate with many of you. Passionate about photography, Isabelle would grab her camera…
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January 6, 2013

Choose yourself and say it loud!

Do you know how to receive and ask? I know a girl who forgot about herself so much that when asked what she would do if she were given a day off just for her, she stood there saying nothing…
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