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Sujata Vadlamudy

December 31, 2012

listen…2013 has something to tell you!

BEFORE TAKING YOUR NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS, LISTEN TO WHAT THE UNIVERSE HAS TO SAY TO YOU. On the eve of 2013 I should perhaps talk to you about resolutions, but if you allow me, I would rather make a small…
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July 19, 2012

Stop repeating!

SIT DOWN... SIT DOWN !!!... SIT-DOWN *#!!! Aren't you tired of repeating over and over the same things and end up frustrated each time? What if the problem came from you? One day while I was tired, my mother gently…
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July 15, 2012

Stuck in traffic? No problem!

LIKING TRAFFIC, IS IT POSSIBLE? I briefly addressed the subject of work-life balance in the June 15 blog, but I think it’s worth talking about it a little longer. Liking traffic, it is possible! Since I’ve set myself up to…
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July 9, 2012

5 good reasons to invest in your personal development

YOUR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY If you’ve been reading our newsletter for awhile, you probably remember that last May was the month of finances. We suggested you invest 10% of your budget in training, or personal development. Did you…
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June 29, 2012

Need a mentor? The answer is yes!

WE ALL NEED A MENTOR Who do you turn to when you need professional advice? Your parents? Your colleagues? Your friends? By surrounding yourself with positive and dynamic people who have your success and personal growth at heart, you tell…
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June 22, 2012

Why aim 2 x higher when you could aim 10 X higher?

ARE YOUR GOALS AMBITIOUS ENOUGH? Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, aiming 2x higher is fine, but aiming 5-8 or 10x higher is much better. And rest assured, the effort to get there is not 10x greater. Yet, it…
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June 9, 2012

How do you contribute to your work environment?

NEGATIVE CRITISISM, A POISON THAT KILLS SLOWLY Ah, those negative criticisms! Nothing is worse for killing a working environment. Whether it’s about a boss, a subordinate, a colleague, a supplier or a client, many of us have the annoying habit…
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June 1, 2012

Professional life: Are you in the right place?

DOES YOUR WORK GIVE YOU A FEELING OF ACCOMPLISHMENT? Ten years ago, when I was working for large company, we underwent a changing of the guard in upper management. When my new Vice-President introduced himself, he told us of a…
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May 25, 2012

The secret to a balanced budget

THE IMPORTANCE OF SOUND MONEY MANAGMENT Your Financial Personality, your beliefs and your financial strategy are the three pillars on which your present financial situation rests. If you've read our last three newsletters, you now have a good idea of what you must…
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May 18, 2012

Are there leaks in your wallet?

DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR MONEY IS GOING? If you dream of earning more money, but you don’t take care of the money you have now, then you are a bit like the children who never play with their toys,…
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