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beliefs and money

beliefs and money

When you were younger, you heard all kinds of things about money. These seemingly harmless little phrases greatly influenced the relationship you have with money today. Is it possible that one (or many) of the following phrases remains engraved in your subconscious and prevents you from reaching your objectives?
      …The rich are thieves
      …Money doesn’t buy happiness
      …It takes money to succeed
      …I was not meant to be rich
      …Money is not important
      …Money is the root of all evil
      …If I get money, it has to be at someone else’s expense
      …Money doesn’t grow on trees
      …Money is dirty
     …It is a sin to have so much money

These statements, when they are internalized, do a lot of damage. In one way, because they limit your ability to attract more money, but worse still, because they prevent you from reaching your full potential. When you take on ideas like “people who have money are dishonest” or “it takes money to make money” you give your fears and your insecurities all of the necessary ammunition to stop you from dreaming and then acting on those dreams. You give up on your own life before even having tried.


Your beliefs about money and your self-confidence are closely linked. The money you attract into your life depends on the value you give yourself and you think you can offer to the outside world. Work on yourself and you will certainly have an impact on your finances.

What are your personal beliefs about money? Take a paper and pencil and write down anything that comes to your mind. If you have difficulty, try these:

1:Think about how you feel when you drive through a neighbourhood of opulent homes. . What are your feelings towards the people who live there? (e.g. These people must be crooks, they are superficial, etc.). What emotions are related to your own financial success? (e.g. I don’t have what it takes to be successful, this life is not for me, etc.)

2:Make a list of fears or disadvantages that you have in mind when you imagine winning the lottery. This exercise might seem funny, but it is very revealing (e.g. maybe you are afraid it will change your relationships with your loved ones and friends).

Next, confront your beliefs by asking yourself if they really hold up.

For exemple :

  • The rich are thieves.  Too easy! Rich people have simply believed in themselves, learned how to manage their money, seized opportunities and worked hard to achieve their goals.
  • Money can’t buy happiness. No, but it solves many problems that can cast a shadow over your happiness. Have you tried to pay your mortgage with happiness?
  • It takes money to succeed. No. It takes determination.
  • I wasn’t meant to be rich. To become rich, you must be ready to take risks. You must change your way of doing things, and above all, you must be convinced that you are entitled to your share!
  • Money is not important. False. Is important, because in our society we need it for food and shelter.
  • Money is the root of all evil. False. Man is the source of all evil. Money is neither good nor bad. It is the way that you get it and the way that you use it that makes it a good thing or bad thing.
  • You have to work hard to get money. Yes, but this statement applies regardless of the amount in question.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees. This is true, but it is available. It is circulating all around you. It only moves from one hand to another. You just have to get in its way and handle it well.


Becoming rich is not an end, but being happy is. In questioning your relationship with money, you can transform your habits and your reflexes when it comes to money to take stock of that which will help you to more easily achieve your personal and professional goals.


FOR THOSE WITH THE "MY ATTITUDE" PLANNERsee if your beliefs about money get in the way of your efforts to attain some of the annual objectives that you set out at the beginning of the year. Break the cycle, make a habit of calming your mind and visualizing (morning and night) that money and time will come to you easily so you can attain each of your objectives.

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