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Choose yourself and say it loud!

By January 6, 2013Uncategorized

Choisissez-vous et dites-le fort !

Do you know how to receive and ask?

I know a girl who forgot about herself so much that when asked what she would do if she were given a day off just for her, she stood there saying nothing for very long time, with a blank look on her face.

This young woman had become so used to taking care of the needs of others before hers that she could not imagine taking care of herself. Everything that came up to her mind seemed superficial, unnecessary or unattainable.

Can you imagine the pain she felt when she realized that she lived like a living dead?

Are you like that woman?

Are you one of those who always put the needs of others first?

Are you always available to be of service for others, even when you don’t feel like it?

Do you often dodge compliments by trying to explain why you don’t deserve them?

Do you tend to think you have to do everything alone? Do you refuse help from others?

Knowing how to RECEIVE and HOW TO ASK HELP FOR YOURSELF is as important to your happiness as oxygen is to your body.

Have you ever heard someone say that they had nothing more to give? This can happen when you avoid receiving!

Giving and receiving is an energy that flows. To receive, you must give and to give, you must receive. If you only give you stop the energy flow – as if you were preventing air from entering your lungs, you end up feeling suffocated.

Restore this energy flow in your life and you can find your unique power to colour your world your own way.

You are unique
You have a destiny to accomplish

Nurture your dreams, your ambitions and your desires. Let yourself be pampered. Renew with yourself and start feeling the flow of energy circulating back into your life.

And if you’re in the eternal spiral of “yes, but”, here are some things you can do to restore the flow in your life:

1. Make a list of all the things that you forbid yourself to do in your life. Write down everything. From the drama class you never took, to the trip that you never dared to make, through the jeans that fit you so well but was perhaps a little too expensive.

2. Take a deep breath and say, “From now on, I choose myself!”.
3. Burn (in a safely matter!) Or tear up your list.
4. Make a new list of 10 things you want to do or want to have this year. Put only things that make you happy. When you realize one of them, strike it out from your list and enjoy the moment. I guarantee you strong emotions.

What do you think? Wouldn’t it do you a bit of good to take care of yourself? Go! Place your order to the Universe by writing down your 10 small pleasures in the “comments” section down below.

Written buy Sujata Vadlamudy, co-founder Attitude Orange.

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