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Congradulations! You chose to make your health a priority!

By February 24, 2012Uncategorized

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We have come to the fourth and final newsletter on physical health. Congratulations to all of you who have chosen to make their health a priority in their time management! It is a step towards a richer and more fulfilling life. For others, every day is a good day to begin.

Five rules to succeed

1. Protect yourself

If you have an injury or a health problem, be sure to check with your doctor or a specialist what the preferred exercises are and which ones should be avoided. Start your workout gradually. It is important to protect and reinforce those areas that are at risk.

2. Keep track of your progress

If you choose a supervised work out, you can have a complete evaluation done of your fat percentage, your muscular strength, your cardiovascular capacity and your flexibility. Otherwise, you can choose to record your performance and follow up.

For example: take your pulse before and after having walked 2 km, time how long it took cover that distance, measure your waist size, count the number of repetitions that you can do in a single set, etc.

3. Become aware of your lifestyle habits
Take responsibility for the choices you make every day (eating, time in front of the television, types of transport, recreation, etc.). Ask yourself if these choices support your objectives.

4. Enjoy each victory
By establishing short, medium and long-term objectives, you will be able to enjoy many victories along the way. Each one gives you the opportunity to appreciate the path you are on and will give you the energy to continue towards your ultimate objective.

5. Plan your new lifestyle
Your training regimen should fit into your schedule. Plan your workouts according to the time available. Do activities that you enjoy. Do them according to your budget. Ensure that you have the right equipment at hand and that it is ready to be used at the right time.



At the beginning, particularly in the 1st week, it is normal to feel really tired. Stick to it and quickly you will feel filled with an energy that you never knew existed. Like a locomotive that works hard to get the cars out of the station, once you have achieved your cruising speed, it will only take a minor effort keep yourself moving.


Are you ready to commit yourself to a healthier lifestyle? Take a step towards success. Commit to it in writing and tell us what your short, medium and long-term goals are.


FOR THOSE WHO HAVE THE ATTITUDE ORANGE PLANNER, use the “energy level” section under “daily objectives / comments,” to record your energy level over the coming weeks.

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