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How do you contribute to your work environment?

By June 9, 2012General

How do you contribute to your work environment?


Ah, those negative criticisms! Nothing is worse for killing a working environment. Whether it’s about a boss, a subordinate, a colleague, a supplier or a client, many of us have the annoying habit of finger pointing, blaming, judging or criticizing.

But what does it bring us in the end? Nothing much besides sucking our energy and turning us away from the real solution. Some will say it at least has the benefit of blowing off steam, but honestly, who ever gained anything positive from blaming or criticizing?

On this point also, Buddha one day said: “Resentment is like drinking poison and wishing the other will die.” Revealing, isn’t it?


When the desire to criticize and blame will come upon you, take a step back and ask yourself:

1. Do I lack perspective? We often assume that others will meet our expectations or at least be sensitive to our needs and motivations, but what about us? Do you judge situations too quickly? Do you adequately question your peer’s priorities? Do you sometimes act without consulting them? Make a habit of placing yourself in the other’s shoes, understand their motivations, and question your own attitude. This will help you avoid quick and unfounded judgment.

2. Is it a personal alarm? Criticism is often the reflection of our personal insecurities and discontent. When the urge to criticize or blame overtakes us, try to investigate to see if it’s your personal alarm ringing. Many people criticize to hide their feelings of rejection, incompetence or discontent. Taking a lucid look at yourself without judgment will help you develop self esteem and assert yourself in a more positive way.

3. Is it the feeling of loosing control of the situation? Many people blame others for what’s happening to them. This behaviour generally betrays the helplessness they feel towards their own destiny. Often these people don’t even know exactly what they want for themselves and instead, they end up letting others make decisions for them and then get offended by them for it.

At work as elsewhere, the nature of your relationship depends on the quality of what you bring in. In seeking to be more honest, open and constructive in your business relationships, you will attract more abundance into your life and you will see new doors open. How do you contribute to your business relationships? Let us know below in our comments section.

FOR THOSE WITH THE”“MY ATTITUDE PLANNER”pay close attention this week to how you express yourself at work. See if your words and attitudes contribute to having a positive working environment or not. Use the counter-productive thoughts and constructive thoughts section of the planner to transform your negative emotions into positive ones.

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