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Do you want more for others than they do for themselves?

By April 6, 2012Uncategorized

Do you want more for others than they do for themselves?


Have you already encountered a situation where you wanted more for someone than they did for themselves? For me it has happened more often than not.

Ever since I was young, I have seen the big possibilities in life. This positive outlook has prompted me to want to pass on to others my desire to excel. My objective is to positively “contaminate” as many people as possible so they can achieve their full potential.

However, what is good for one person doesn’t always apply to others. The closest and most concrete example for me is my mother. I have lost count of the number of times where, filled with good intentions, I suggested to her various ways to approach her life so that she could accomplish great things. She shared with me that she was filled with feelings of guilt and regret and that she would have liked to have done more in her life. Over time and many frustrations I came to the conclusion that my advice and the motivational speeches I made may have made her think sometimes, but ultimately, none of them had resulted in any real action on her part.


Keep at it, or let it go?

With time and many years of positive “contamination” under my belt, I now realize that trying too hard for others helps no one if the other doesn’t want it as well. Also, what we may judge as being good for others may in fact not be good at all! Our perceptions are often coloured by the sunglasses of our beliefs and our experiences and may lack the proper focus when it comes to the lives of others.


So is it good to continue to want to motivate others and share our views to help other people excel? Well, I believe it is! Motivating others to excel can only be positive, however you have to pace yourself in relation to how ready the person is to listen and act.

For example, someone suffering from obesity will certainly turn their back on you if you try to motivate them to run a half-marathon in three months. However, they will likely be more open to taking action if you encourage them to walk 15 minutes a day for the next three months with the goal of being able to do 3 km in 30 minutes at a brisk walk.


As for you, are you the type who tries too hard for others or are you more “live and let live?” Share your ideas on our orange blog; we’d like to hear more about your experiences with others.


FOR THOSE WHO HAVE THE ATTITUDE ORANGE PLANNER, for the week of April 9, write down the following phrase as one of your objectives: “This week I will concentrate and I will listen to others when they talk to me. I will then answer with words that they are ready to hear and that will be helpful.

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