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Eveything’s possible

By January 27, 2012Uncategorized

Everything's possible



What do Oprah, Céline Dion, Pierre Péladeau and Joannie Rochette have in common? None of them were born into a wealthy family, they all pursued a dream or a passion with determination and they all worked very hard to acquire the tools and the skills that brought them to the top of their game. Were they spared failures and setbacks in their lives? Certainly not. Who hasn’t heard of Oprah’s abusive childhood and who doesn’t remember the unexpected death of Joannie’s mother during the Olympic Games in Vancouver?


It isn’t written in the sky that one person deserves more success than another. If these people have succeeded in their respective fields, it is because they have worked in a steady and disciplined manner to attain their objectives. They believed in their abilities and didn’t listen to those who said otherwise.

Too often we stand in the way of our own success by creating our own obstacles. Instead of turning towards the positive, we focus our attention on the negative. We complain about everything that we cannot do instead of looking to those things that are possible to do. Sometimes it serves us well to justify why we didn’t do better.

In order to know if you are actually able, you must push right to the limit. In adversity, when you give up you go back to the starting line and you have the impression that all the ground you’ve gained has been lost. The way that we face adversity is what separates us from the rest.


Tell us about your latest test (or challenge) and tell us how you overcame it.


 FOR THOSE WHO HAVE THE ATTITUDE ORANGE PLANNER, even though the monthly exercise ends this week, continue to take note of your negative thoughts throughout the year. As you’ve learned, some beliefs are so deeply ingrained in your life that it may take some time to become aware of them.

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