Financial DNA

(3-hour workshop)

Have you ever considered that our emotions around money are directly linked to our ability to believe in and attract abundance in all areas of our lives? When you discover your financial archetypes, you discover a very powerful tool for personal and professional development.

Whether we want it or not, the relationship we have with money influences everything we do, say or think. By discovering the unconscious mechanisms that motivate our choices, we also acquire the ability to change our patterns.

Offer your teams a totally new means with which to approach their challenges, develop their natural talents and better interact with each other. By helping them understand how they think and the impact they have on all areas of their professional and personal life, you’ll see their level of energy and performance increase.

Content for the 3-hours

  • Introduction to the 8 financial archetypes, their strengths, their challenges and the way they interact with each other
  • Introduction to the 4 ways of thinking about money which are the source of our limitations, our fears, our confusion and our self-sabotage
  • A selection of exercises totally tailored to your needs and objectives
  • Sacred Money archetype test

For additional information and reservations:

(514) 915-5480 or [email protected]

« Knowing my archetypes has helped me understand my motivations and make peace with my doubts. I understood what characterized me and I stopped worrying about what others thought about me. My decisions seem more true and honest to me, and that’s really boosted my confidence. »

Nathalie Dumas - Associate ZoneC

« Since my meeting with Sujata, my turnover has increased by 40%. I learned to showcase my expertise and dare to believe that my business vision was achievable. »

Geneviève Dumont - Geny Événements