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5 good reasons to invest in your personal development


If you’ve been reading our newsletter for awhile, you probably remember that last May was the month of finances. We suggested you invest 10% of your budget in training, or personal development. Did you do it?

If not, what are you waiting for? You have an extraordinary and unique purpose inside of you that needs to be developed. Don’t sit on this wonderful gold mine without doing anything about it. Time goes by so fast, who wants regrets?

Investing in yourself is not an expense but an investment. Stop making excuses and instead, take your destiny in hand!

Here are 5 good reasons to incorporate your personal development into your budget.

1-You can’t always depend on your employer to train you.
Your employer has priorities and budgets to respect. If what you need to bring yourself closer to your career goals is not being taken care of by your boss, frustration and blame won’t help. It’s your future, take care of it!

2-Excuses will not help you get ahead
There will always be excuses. Lack of time, Young kids at home, more urgent expenses… If you always put your personal development last, you may be missing opportunities you don’t even know exist right now. By planning your personal development in your budget and in your annual planning, you make it a priority and can enjoy it without guilt.

3-We don’t always make it by ourselves.
When we really need help, (to either develop our skills or untangle our emotions) it’s a shame to be confronted with financial issues. If you have an amount set aside for training, you could use it to give yourself a push when you need it the most. Think about it. It could be your best investment ever.

4-Passion is essential to a balanced life
If you can’t find your passion at work, or can’t express your creativity, you need to find ways to do it differently or life will pull you down. Personal development is also feeding the various aspects of our personality.

5-You do not know what the future holds.
We don’t know what life holds for us. You could lose your job, want new challenges or a career change. It’s your responsibility to develop your interests, your skills and knowledge to be ready to face any eventuality.

We want to know! What do you think about having an annual budget for your personal development? Do you have the habit of offering training for yourself? Is it related to your field of expertise or is it connected to your passions? Write us below in our comment section, we’d like to hear from you.

FOR THOSE WITH"MON ATTITUDE" PLANNERTo those with the "My Attitude" planner, if it’s not already done, open a new bank account and immediately start putting 10% of your income towards your personal development needs. Already done? Give yourself a pat on the back, we’re proud of you!

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