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Health, I make it my business!

By February 6, 2012Uncategorized

Health i make it my business



In time management there is a method to classify tasks according to their priority:

1. Priority and urgent
2. Priority, but not urgent
3. Not priority, but urgent
4. Not priority and not urgent

Are you one of those who classify health in category “2,” namely the category of things that are priority, but which can be taken care of later? If so can you answer this question: “When is later?” If you do not yet have an answer to this question, you are headed straight for trouble. A non-urgent priority always ends up becoming an urgent priority if it is not taken care of soon enough. And when it is a question of health, an emergency is never good news.

If you think that taking care of your health can still wait, think about this: By deciding to act to improve your health, not only are you increasing your chances of living better and longer, you’re also at the same time changing the range of possibilities. By improving your physical condition, you will also be improving your energy level and self-esteem. Also, the perception you have of yourself and of others will change and new opportunities will appear for you.



Depending on the time in your life, the flexibility of your schedule may vary. Don’t let your daily life give you excuses to eliminate physical activity. When considering your professional and family situation, it is your responsibility to find the best way to remain active. In other words, if you only have ten minutes a day to exercise, then exercise 10 minutes a day! You just have to pick up the pace whenever possible. The important thing is to satisfy the body’s need to move. Here are a few ideas for tight schedules or restrictive situations:

1. Do you work long hours? Take your bike to go to work or, more simply, go for a walk at lunch. As well as burning calories, it will relieve stress and oxygenate your brain. You will also improve your concentration during the more stressful periods..

2. Do you like running? Very versatile, this sport adapts perfectly to any schedule and can be done in any season. Take advantage of it!

3. Do you prefer to slow down the pace? Activities like yoga, tai chi and karate are very good options. A single hour is sufficient to reduce your stress, align your energies, increase your flexibility and tone your muscles.

4. You have no time during the day and are burned out at night? Re-examine your organization to set aside 30 minutes in the morning. Use that time to follow an exercise DVD or listen to the news while pedaling a stationary bike.


Ideas for activities that are inexpensive and satisfy any taste, schedule and family dynamic are numerous. If you have tricks that work well for you, share them so that others can benefit as well.


FOR THOSE WHO HAVE THE ATTITUDE ORANGE PLANNER, if it hasn't already been done, take the time to do your account of the month of January (p. 40). Review your wheel of life and determine what to do to achieve a better balance. In February, take the opportunity to take stock of your physical health.

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