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If you want to you can, but…

By February 17, 2012Uncategorized

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If you want to you can, but… IF YOU BELIEVE, YOU WILL SUCCEED!

It’s not easy to swim against the current. Even if you want to, even if you put all of your will into it, if the current is too strong you will have to consider changing your strategy. Imagine that the current is the flow of your thoughts.

Is the current taking you in the right direction? What are the objectives that you set for yourself concerning your physical health? Have you taken action or are you still waiting for the right time? Excuses like “I am waiting for my injury to heal that my back won’t hurt as much,” “I don’t have enough discipline,” “I am too tired,” “At my age, one has to accept that this is how it is,” “At the point where I am, an extra bite won’t make a difference,” “I don’t have the time,” “Tomorrow I will have more energy,” represent the current against which you are swimming. If you entertain such thoughts, change your strategy today. Stop struggling against the current and take steps to achieve your goals.

Your injury isn’t healing? Ask yourself if completely eliminating exercise from your life will really benefit you. You lack energy? Isn’t it possible that your inactivity is in part responsible for your fatigue? You lack time? Question your priorities. You have the last word when it comes to how you use your time.

To obtain different results, we must think differently.

Your mental current has brought you to where you are today. If you want a different result, you will have to learn how to change your current of thought. To help you, try this visualization exercise:

1. Close your eyes and imagine what your life will be like in two, five and ten years, if you continue to entertain the thoughts that have prevented you from acting up until now. Feel the discomfort, the tension and the anxiety that these images bring you. Soak up these emotions for a moment.

2. Close your eyes again and this time visualize what your life will be like if you change these thoughts and replace them with others that will allow you to attain your health objective. Feel the energy that it will give you. What are your new activities? What are your new projects? Feel the quality of your sleep and your disposition, the impact on your family life and on your relationships and your self-esteem. Feel the joy and the pride welling up in you, this life is yours by adopting new strategies.

What life do you choose?

Each time that you feel yourself starting to sag, go back to these visualizations and you will find the needed energy to continue your commitment to making the necessary changes to reach your goals. Remind yourself. A body will tend to remain stationary if it is stationary, and will tend to remain in movement if it is in movement.


Changing your thoughts requires that you put yourself in a state of openness and appreciation. Each morning, express your gratitude for all of the love and all of the opportunities that you have been given. Appreciate your life and realize that you deserve the best there is. Review once again the images of the life that you choose and commit to living your day fully and healthily.

What are your mental images? If you do not like what they have to say, what will you do to change them? If on the other hand you are satisfied, share with us your ideas and your tips in the comments section below.


FOR THOSE WHO HAVE THE ATTITUDE ORANGE PLANNER, use the “constructive thoughts” section to write the general outline of your vision of the future. Reread them morning, noon and night to anchor them in your subconscious. 

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