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listen…2013 has something to tell you!

By December 31, 2012Uncategorized

On the eve of 2013 I should perhaps talk to you about resolutions, but if you allow me, I would rather make a small side comment.

Two weeks ago, I attended a one day business training. As soon as it started, each participants had to pick a card with a written word on it. It was amazing how each card seemed to have been chosen exactly for the person that picked it.

Not a single person hesitated to say that the word was perfectly in line with what they came to seek in the training. We all seem to have received an important message.

Surely, we probably could have felt the same way by picking another word. After all, it’s our personal interpretation that gave life to the message, but is it really important if it’s true or if it’s our own interpratation? What I remember is how meaningful the word was to me. By itself it summed up my past, my present and my future.

By its meaning, the word told me something important about myself. I felt it was saying, “Here’s your problem and here’s your solution”.

I’m extremely grateful that this word found me before I define my projects for 2013. It’s meaning is already influencing my choices and my actions. It’s a beautiful gift that life gave me and I intend to honor it.



Below, you will find a list of words. Take the time to read them, then choose the word that speaks to you the most. If you want, you can also print this page, cut out each word, then pick one randomly.

Integrity / Generosity / Simplicity / Originality / To be / Choice / Abundance / Gratitude / Health / Courage / Creativity / Determination / Change / Birth / Freedom / Quiet / Presence / Acceptance / Forgiveness / Love / Trust / Respect / Adventure / New / Open / Focus / Belief / Beauty / Death / Joy / Clarity / Order / Over / Peace / Anger / Engagement / Listening / Affirmation / Yes / No / Risk / Chance / Fun / Thanks / Expansion / Power / Discipline / Constance / Magic / Letting go / Friendship / Patience / Consciousness /

Once your word is chosen, write it in CAPITAL Orange on our blog so that it is part of the universe. Leave us your impressions, we bet that this exercise will not leave you indifferent. Maybe you can come back within the next few weeks and thank life for making such a beautiul gift.

Written by Sujata Vadlamudy, co-fonder Attitude Orange.


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