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Need a mentor? The answer is yes!

By June 29, 2012Uncategorized

Need a mentor? The answer is yes!


Who do you turn to when you need professional advice? Your parents? Your colleagues? Your friends? By surrounding yourself with positive and dynamic people who have your success and personal growth at heart, you tell yourself that you can‘t help but get the best advice, right?

And Yet…

ÊBeing surrounded by people who love us and want the best for us is a gift of life, but we need to be aware that these same people are sometimes very bad advisers when they move outside of their comfort zone.

If you need help moving forward in your career or business, then find someone who has the experience you’re looking for.

If you are well mentored, you will move forward faster with far more confidence in life. Numbers speak for themselves.

“According to data from the Entrepreneurship Foundation, for 100 companies starting-up with the help of a mentor, 73% reach their fifth year of existence. This proportion decreases to 37% if the company does not benefit from mentoring.

According to the recruitment firm Heidrick & Struggles, “… the majority of senior executives have had mentors during the first 5 years of their career.”

By sharing their expertise, their skills (and even their network of contacts!), The mentor will show you the shortest path to success and will save you from many mistakes.

How to find a mentor?
If you’re lucky, your mentor might be someone from your professional circle or a family friend. If this isn’t the case, it’s up to you to look a little further. Don’t be afraid to create opportunities to meet people who have the experience you’re looking for (chamber of commerce, associations, mentoring, etc..). This is how you’ll eventually meet the person with whom you have enough affinity to be able to approach them and ask them to help you.

Dare to ask! Remember that most of us would be very flattered to receive this kind of recognition and be offered the chance to help another person succeed. That being said, don’t expect your mentor to do the work for you. The mentor is there for guidance and advice. The rest is up to you.

Did this article make you want to work with a mentor? You already experienced mentoring? Share your experience and thoughts in the comment section below.

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