MY ATTITUDE 2019 Planner

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Far more than just a planner—
it’s a system for accomplishing big goals.


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– Size 8,5 inch X 11 inch
– 200 pages
– 1 week over two pages
– Daily schedule from 7am to 9pm
– Black wire-o binding
– Laminated Cover

Developed to be integrated into anyone’s daily routine, this planner offers a method that at the same time offers to:

  • Clarify and prioritize one’s objectives
  • Preserve balance in one’s life
  • Grow on a personal and professional level throughout the year

Through reflections, quotes, tips and a monthly challenge, it will push you to get out of your comfort zone, explore your potential and call into question the habits that keep you away from the life you’re looking for.


Each month, the planner focuses on an important aspect of a balanced life. With monthly reflections, quotes, tips and challenges, it pushes you out of your comfort zone to explore your potential and to question the habits that take you away from the life you want. The texts are short, direct and inspiring. The tips are easy to put into practice every day.

The 12 themes are: Beliefs – Physical Health – Spirituality – Finances – Emotional and Mental health – Professional Life – Personal Development – Leadership – Priority Management – Human Relations – Contribution – Gratitude



The Attitude Orange planner was the very best present I received last Christmas. Not only was it given to me by someone very special to me, it was also a kind of wake-up call that played a significant role in strengthening my personal development. I’ve spent a great deal of time working on this development over the past few years, and I must say that the ideas and methods presented in this planner are both simple and practical—but also cutting-edge developments in their field. Congratulations!

Serge Lavergne, Eng., M.Sc.
General Manager, Mining and Metals, Tetratech Industries, Inc.

As a self-employed worker, the “To Do” list always seems to get longer, not shorter. But a balanced, healthy life cannot be achieved with good intentions alone. The Attitude Orange agenda and the weekly newsletter provide the tools for breaking out of the ruts we all find ourselves in at one time or another and developing the habits and attitudes that create a successful, fulfilling and balanced life. Success at work doesn’t have to come at the expense of family life or physical health. Attitude Orange shows you how.

Maurice Crossfield

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