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Professional life: Are you in the right place?


Ten years ago, when I was working for large company, we underwent a changing of the guard in upper management. When my new Vice-President introduced himself, he told us of a habit he developed at the beginning of his career that served him well. He called this habit “his plan.” In fact “his plan” consisted of reviewing “his plan” every three months. So he regularly took stock of his life, reviewing his strategy and his actions in relation to attaining his personal and professional goals.

At that time, reviewing my objectives every 3 months seemed like an aberration. My personal plan boiled down to waiting for opportunities to arise. Looking back, I realize that I was in fact playing ostrich. I preferred by far to not ask myself too many questions about my career, because I didn’t have the courage to answer them, and even less to change my situation. I had a good salary, colleagues I liked, responsibilities that challenged my abilities and even some good possibilities for advancement. The problem, and this made me unable to plan my career, was that I lacked the essential element: the feeling of being in the right place.

Work and personal life: communicating vessels
I spent many years being numb simply because it was too scary to open this little box in my head. Over the years, it was impossible for me to look to the future to answer the question “Where would you like to be in 5 years?” One fine day however, I had to explore this gap as it had begun to affect my personal life. By suffocating my inner voice, I was wiping out my life: my energy was down, I was having mood swings, I isolated myself more and more, I became less and less creative and I won’t talk about the physical ills that started to appear. I was definitely on a slippery slope.

How to find your place?
This week, while I was at a business breakfast, Cora Tsouflidou of the Chez Cora Déjeuners restaurants said the following: “In life there is no lack of abundance, nor opportunities. What is lacking are people ready to seize them.”

Your work does not have to be the accomplishment of your destiny, but you should at least be satisfied that it fulfills your destiny. If you manage to align your professional choices with your vision, your values, your principles, your mission, your conscience, only then will you be able to seize the opportunities that come your way and feel the joy of being in the right place at the right time.

If you are feeling confused like I was then and you believe it is time to get reacquainted with your personal mission, start by making a habit of regularly reviewing your life. Recognize your strengths, but more importantly, analyze what is lacking. It is the combination of the two that will show you the way. Take note of what doesn’t work and start looking for answers. Do this in writing, because finding your way requires commitment, courage, confidence and integrity. Do you have any comments? Write to us below in our comment section.

FOR THOSE WITH THE"MY ATTITUDE" PLANNER, do a report on the month of May and take note of the impact that your work (or your attitude towards work) has on your overall life. Should you change something? As one of my friends said: what you have done up to now has brought you to where you are. If you wish to change direction, change your ways of doing and thinking!

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