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She said Yes!

By January 17, 2013Uncategorized

She said Yes!


I want to share Isabelle’s story because I know it is one that will resonate with many of you.

Passionate about photography, Isabelle would grab her camera whenever she could find some spare time. There was no mistaking that she felt most alive when she had her camera around her neck. As a matter of fact, she would spend part of her savings on courses or buying photography equipment.

BUT … because there’s often a but … Isabelle took years to realize that her passion could become her way of living. As she had studied in another field, the idea of turning her hobby into a profession took a long time to become a possibility in her mind and even more time to become viable project. For a long time Isabelle resisted the calling of her PASSION. For her, photography could not be anything else but a hobby. Thinking differently was simply not seen as reasonable or realistic.

As the years passed, Isabelle was running in circles in her mind. She might have gained the trust of her superiors and built a successful career for herself, but something was always missing. Then one day an angel came to whisper in her ear that if she really wanted to make a living from her passion, she could. She only had to open herself up to the idea. She had to start believing that it was possibility.

Timidly, Isabelle started feeding her dream, and it wasn’t very long before she finally said « YES! Why not? If others can do it, then I can do it too! “.


Your passion, your life is in the nest of your thoughts
like an egg ready to hatch with a little encouragement.
Isabelle Gauthier-Zabel Photo
(Extract from the book Porteuse d’humanité)

If like Isabelle, you are ready to nurture a passion, listen to these wise words she sends you: Think about what you want as you are the master of your own thoughts!

And you? Are you living your passion? Would you like to live it? Come and share your fears and victories in the comment section below, we want to hear them.

Written by Sujata Vadlamudy, co-founder Attitude Orange.

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