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Stop repeating!

By July 19, 2012Uncategorized

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Aren’t you tired of repeating over and over the same things and end up frustrated each time?

What if the problem came from you?
One day while I was tired, my mother gently suggested me to stop screaming at the children when they were having it their own way. “But mom, if I yell, it’s because I’m tired of always repeating the same things over and over”, I answered her. “So stop repeating.. » my mother said to me right off the bat!

Heuuu… Ok. Good idea… but what should I do instead?

The answer will maybe surprise you, but I ganranty it works!

When you can’t change a situation, you need to change your attitude!

Instead of repeating, just STAY QUIET!

Say what you have to say once, then act consistently and logically so that your message gets understood better.

For example, if you ask your child to sit quietly and eat diner and he doesn’t, DONT REPEAT. Get up and pull his chair away and tell him that if he doesn’t need it you will set it aside. Or, you can always take away his plate and ask him to leave the kitchen until he feels calm enough to eat with you.

The same thing applies for your teen. If he doesn’t come back home in time for his curfew, tell him he will be deprived from his next night out, not because you punish him, but because he failed to maintain your trust and logically, you’re not comfortable anymore with the idea of him going out at night.

Do not fall into the negociations and great explanations spiral. If the consequence is logical, trust your child, he will understand the meaning. Obviously, he probably won’t comply the first time (after all, you repeated for so long …), but stand firm. If you stay calm and consequent, the climate in the house will quickly change.

Anger is not a solution. Instead of climbing on your high horses,  act consequently. Instead of trying to control, learn to be more convincing. It won’t be easy at first, but with a little practice, you’ll get there I’m sure.

Oh! Last thing : If it’s good for the kids, it’s good for the adults as well!

When your methods don’t work, do you have the reflex to see if your attitude deserves to be changed? If you have a story or tip to share, please don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comment section below. We would love to benefit from it!

FOR THOSE WITH THE "MY ATTITUDE" PLANNERin the notes section , write down a list of things you're always repeating and determine which loogical consequence could be applied the next time the situation comes up. 

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