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What’s stopping you to take action

By January 20, 2012Uncategorized

TAke action

Henry Ford once said: “ Wether you think you can or not, you are right!”
This sentence shows well the power of our beliefs. To succeed, we need to have the right state of mind. What’s stopping you from achieving your dreams?


How many times did you worry for nothing? Fear is usually bigger than the risk taken. And if you ever had to go through a setback, why not see it as a lesson? Isn’t success supposed to be the result of our last try? In any case, better fail than regret, right?


From where you are, it maybe hard for you to imagine yourself undertake this new life you’re dreaming about. It’s totally understandable, the shoes don’t fit yet! The processes bringing you through the achievement of your goals will make you grow and change the person you are today. Only experience will shed the light on the person you’re dreaming of becoming today.


It isn’t easy not to cringe in fear faced to the judgment, incomprehension and deception of people surrounding you. If change makes you insecure, don’t forget it makes others insecure too. Their negative reactions are in fact only their OWN reflection of fear and limits. Ironically, buy pushing back your own limits, there’s much to predict that you will help them push back their own limits at the same time.


You’ve known for a long time that you need to change but each time you try, you go back to your old habits. In our last post, we saw that bad habits, even if they harm us, are sometimes more comfortable than adopting new ones. Changing our routine can be hard and destabilizing at first. You need to accept to leave your comfort zone for a while before finding your ease in your new habits.

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TO THOSE WHO HAVE THE ATTITUDE ORANGE PLANNER, are you starting to identify your schemes of thoughts?  Continue identifying your negative thoughts and replace them buy positive ones. It's buy repeating that you will eventually anchor the new message inside of you .

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