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Stuck in traffic? No problem!

By July 15, 2012Uncategorized

Pris dans le trafic? Pas de problème!


I briefly addressed the subject of work-life balance in the June 15 blog, but I think it’s worth talking about it a little longer.

Liking traffic, it is possible!

Since I’ve set myself up to listen to audio trainings in my car, I just love traffic! Yes, you read it right! I love traffic! To be honest, sometimes I even feel a little annoyed when I get home and I didn’t have time to finish listening to my current training.

There are so many audio trainings now that no one has any excuse for not investing at least an hour a day on their personal growth.

So what do you say? Instead of climbing onto your high horse because of traffic, take advantage of it by diverting your attention from a problem that, unfortunately, will not get better.

The brain is like a child. Give it a candy and it will forget what made it cry 5 minutes ago.

For my part, this new habit has made a major difference in my life. I no longer feel like I am wasting time in my car. My driving is much less aggressive, and this personal time allows me to make a pleasant transition from work to family.

How about you? In which context could you use the audio trainings? On the train? While running or working out? At Lunch? During your daughter’s karate class? Inspire us by writing your comments on the Orange Blog.

FOR THOSE WITH THE "MY ATTITUDE" PLANNER, , give yourself a target to download a training or conference from the Internet and listen to it this week.

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