Sujata, the founder of Attitude Orange, has but one mission in life: to propel you into a life that’s just as amazing as your talents and ambitions.

Through her coaching programs, she’ll guide you every step of the way and reveal to you the building blocks of an intentional life, one filled with meaning and accomplishment.

With the Attitude Orange planner—the tool she’s created to help you ground these building blocks in your everyday life—she helps you stay the course and organize your time according to your priorities, whatever they are.


I’m here to remind you that the only thing missing in your life is you!

I created Attitude Orange so I could offer you a proactive life. A way to live with your eyes, mind and heart wide open. No automatic pilot here, and definitely no feeling that you can do nothing to bring about change.

In this high-octane world where fear and uncertainty take up so much space, and where expectations just keep growing, I believe this: The happiest people, and those who will make the most positive contributions to society, will be the people who take the time to really think about what they want to be, do and have in life. And who dare to take the necessary measures to make it happen.

It’s what I call “going orange”—Attitude Orange

Her journey…

Ever since she was a little girl, Sujata could sense she was naturally able to light up the lives of the people she met. Unsure of what exactly to do with this gift, she chose to pursue a business degree and discovered a passion for marketing. Right after she left university, she took on a position as advertising manager at a large company. This is where she spent her career, accumulating prize after prize and constantly setting new standards within her field.

After the birth of her second child in 2005, she was forced to slow down, a victim of burnout.

As she tells it: « From the outside, everything seemed to be going fine. Great career, beautiful children, perfect spouse…or almost ;-)! But the truth is, I was exhausted and sometimes felt empty inside. I was working too much and something was missing in my life! I wanted more, but what? »

As is the case for many people, her desire to make a significant impact had caught up with her. At that time, she already knew that a career change was necessary, but it’s not easy to leave behind a career in which you’ve invested so much, and the security that only a large company can still promise.

It was only after exhausting herself by swimming upstream that she looked the situation straight-on: choose security, with the certainty of unhappiness, or choose to follow her intuition in hopes of finding her place one day.

« Becoming an entrepreneur hasn’t been an easy ride. I’ll admit to having asked myself on several occasions whether I had what it takes to succeed. But today, I don’t regret a thing. I’m thriving, my husband supports me in what I’m doing, my children are happy, and my company is inspiring and guiding thousands of passionate people around the world towards success.”»

With her down-home common sense and simplicity, Sujata has that je ne sais quoi that kindles people’s fire within, and encourages them to take action and defy their limits.

There are a million ways to succeed
IN life.

My goal is to show you how to succeed
in YOUR life!

Don’t know where to start? Let the Check out the Attitude Orange planner help you take the first steps: clarify your priorities, set your goals and establish the daily rituals that will enable you to reach them.

Are you ready to get on the fast track to the next stage in your life or your company? Check out the coaching zone or The Ambitious Club to find the support that fits you best.

Success and balance are never randomly occurring events. Intention, rigour and discipline have always been the well-kept secrets of the highest flyers.

Change your attitude, change your life!

Why “orange”?

Vitality, creativity, communication

Every colour has its own energy. Orange is the colour of vitality, creativity and communication. Created by combining red and yellow—the symbols of passion and wealth—I’d say orange is the perfect colour for my attitude, wouldn’t you agree?

Be twice as careful

Orange is used to get our attention. One day while crossing a construction zone on the West end of Montreal, I noticed some massive orange signs bearing this message: « Construction zone». Be twice as careful!

Your life is a construction zone! Be very careful how you use your time. You only get one life!