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Television, a good or bad influence in your lives?

By March 16, 2012Uncategorized

Television, a good or bad influence in your lives?


When we watch television, we aren’t always aware of the effect it has on us. Yet, when we pay more attention, we realize what it really does. For example, have you ever wondered how violent movies can affect the quality of your sleep? Or how shrill and over-excited cartoon voices may influence our children’s attitudes?

We often hear that television helps us to relax, but sometimes I feel it has the opposite effect without even noticing it.

Recently, a friend of mine was telling me how the news was depressing her to the point that she decided to stop listening to it. Some of you will think she is an over sensitive soul, but I don’t think so. I believe when we watch bad news over and over again we end up feeling powerless and discouraged towards all those problems from around the world. We end up thinking there are more bad things going on in the world than good things. Good things rarely make the news! If, like my friend you, think the news affects your mood and your faith in life, look for other ways to nourish yourself with more positive information sources such as books, magazines, features, etc. They will remind you that the world is full of great and inspiring businesses, people and projects.


The ultimate test: “No television for a week”

A couple of weeks ago I thought the atmosphere was way too “electric” at home. There was no way for us to have a quiet family dinner. The kids were talking too loudly and were spending their time getting up for no real reason. Exasperated with their attitude, my husband and I decided to shut down all electronic devices in the house. The result was amazing! The kids were more involved in everyday tasks and they even started to play board games. But the most amazing thing was definitely that they didn’t even complain about this forced interruption.


I could go on and on about this subject but I’d rather let you share your thoughts. What influence does television have on your life?


TO ALL OF YOU WITH THE ATTITUDE ORANGE PLANNER use the “reflection” section to write down all the shows you watch on television. At the end of the week, evaluate if those shows help you attain a healthy and balanced mental health (Information, entertainment, inspiration).

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