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The haunted house paradox

At every good amusement park there is a haunted house. People line up to take a seat in a car and smile at the idea of the good scare that awaits them. We all know that the skeletons and the mummies are only metal and paper mâché dummies but nevertheless, we fall for this trick every time and we can’t help but jump when the fake cobwebs brush against us.


Fear is only a scarecrow

In real life our fears are also fed by her imagination. The scarecrows that shake in our heads are in reality only projections of the ego, making up events that do not exist. Being afraid of falling does not mean you will actually fall and, having fallen once does not mean that you will fall a second time.


If you have had enough of singing the same song and are ready to transform your fears into self-esteem, start by changing your internal dialogue. Stop yourself from imagining the worst and concentrate on what could be if you dare to take a step forward. The bird that defies the scarecrow is well fed, no? Give yourself at least a chance.


Whenever a dam of fears stands in your way, a flood of hope, light and love will well up. Anyone who has tried this at least once knows that this feeling is very euphoric and that everything can change in an instant.  We are very accustomed to rationalizing and working hard to get results and it is very difficult for us to accept that it is by listening that we find the answer.


If you need a miracle to change your life, look in your heart. Learn to be silent and listen to your intuition. Put aside all of the influences you have had and listen to your own voice. Don’t look outside for the answer, you will only confuse the issue. Wait for it to emerge from the bottom of your heart and welcome it, because it is the miracle you have been waiting for. A final bit of advice: because the ears are far from the heart, shut off the mental chatter so you can listen.


When you are in doubt or when you feel fear influencing your choices, bring your attention back to your heart. Listen to what it is telling you and act confidently.


FOR THOSE WHO HAVE THE ATTITUDE ORANGE PLANNER,  the “obstacles/counter-productive thoughts” sections were designed to allow you to break down your barriers. Set aside time every day to transform your internal dialogue.

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