Over the years, we’ve witnessed your overflowing creativity when it comes to adapting your agendas to your specific styles and needs. Because we believe that every good idea has to be shared, we’ve created this evolutionary space to bring them together and make them easily accessible.

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Tip from Kim Desormiers, @CliniqueMyoplus

Tracking the inflow and outflow of money has something therapeutic.

«Of course, I hold a computerized accounting for everything related to my company, but getting in the habit of keeping an eye on my day-to-day cash inflows and outflows has had a very positive effect in my life. Not only have I eliminated the oversights and late fees, but my stress has also greatly diminished.
Another advantage… I noticed that by being more attentive to money matters, it came more easily in my life, which isn’t trivial! »

Owner of an orthotherapy clinic,every month, Kim indicates the due dates of each payment in her agenda. She notes her personal as well as professional payments, she indicates the expected automatic cash inflows, such as child allowances, she then calculates and writes down the monthly amount that her company must generate to achieve the profitability objectives. She can then monitor the results much more easily and act faster when the numbers do not meet expectations.

Tip from Sébastien Chalut, @sébastienchalutphotographe

It has become a ritual that I wait for every year!

«As early as July, I look forward to the unveiling of the new design of the Attitude Orange planner to inspire the choice of a sticker that I will then apply on my cover. By combining my creativity with that of Attitude Orange, it’s as if I set the tone for my year. I feel like it’s boosting my determination and my inspiration!»

Inspired Photographer, Sébastien finds his stickers on the Internet.

Tip from Ginette Girard, @g2design intérieur

Improving the ergonomics of living spaces is my passion and my agenda is no exception!

«I love my Attitude Orange planner! In its own way, it represents an important living space in my daily life. Every day, this is where I take the time to think about my goals, my strategies and my balance.

Since I often have to go from month to month in my project management, I added monthly dividers. This allows me to navigate more easily in the agenda and save time.»

Interior designer specializing in small spaces (kitchen, bathrooms, walk-in), Ginette Girard finds her dividers in any good stationery store.

Tip from Zoé, student 

Drawing in my agenda helps me stay focused.

«I use my monthly co-creation page to help me manage or channel my emotions. I choose a sentence, then I let my imagination guide my pencils or my brushes. It allows me to clear my mind and refocus, but it’s also a source of inspiration and motivation. »

Zoé is a passionate and very creative student.



Tip from Nancy De Sousa, @lestrésorsdelaterre

Without this ritual,I do not realize everything I do.

By making a monthly report in her Attitude Orange planner, Nancy De Sousa, owner of “Les trésors de la terre”, realizes each month that she accomplishes much more than she thinks.

«When you run your own business, you work hard, but you don’t always feel like you’re doing a lot.Sometimes we manage so many unexpected things that we feel scattered! When I do my monthly report, I realize each time that I am much more efficient than I would have thought. It helps me not to be so hard on myself and see if I’m aligned or not with my goals.Each time, it gives me the energy I need to start next month.»

Nancy De Sousa is the founder of “Les trésors de la terre”, a company that offers all kinds of creative and mindful workshops for the family.



Tip from Julie  Ménard 

I love this tool that keeps my motivation for sports at a high level throughout the year!

«It’s not easy to make room for sport when you work full time and have a busy social life. To keep my health goal in mind, I adopted this tool found on the Internet. For each day of physical activity of 30 minutes, I color a box. At a glance, I see where I am. If my pace is good, I congratulate myself and if I fall behind, I try to stayfocused, because this page is much more beautiful when it’s colored.»

Julie Ménard is administrative assistant for a health and safety consulting firm.




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